SportReTiNA - Unlocking the potential of all sport coaches and athletes through easy-to-use video analysis technology.

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Sport video analysis on the fly

A video analysis tool affordable to all sport coaches! Choose how many cameras and camera attachments you need and you are ready to go.

Fast to set up and simple to use

The system can be set up within minutes and is controlled using your own phone/tablet. Once you have finished, put it back in your sports bag.

Record hands-free and capture events occurred in the past

Record just the seconds you need by the click of a button. Videos can be reviewed during the course of the coaching session on your own tablet. No time wasted at home to review a one-hour long video.

Use the provided video analysis software or use your own

Review the synchronised videos with the provided software tool or download the files on your PC to use your favourite video analysis software.

Not your typical action camera

SportReTiNA (Sport Real Time Analysis) is not another video analysis software app. It offers instead a portable video recording toolkit that includes a scalable number of small wireless cameras and other accessories that can be placed in chosen locations on a sport practice court/pitch using provided multi-purpose attachments. It allows you to capture on-demand, synchronised, high frame rate video footage (as well as high quality photos) which is immediately available to the coach for playback on a standard tablet or laptop.

Fast set-up, simple to use

Thanks to bespoke camera attachments, SportReTiNA takes only a few minutes to set up in a sport training ground. Switch on your cameras, put on your wrist remote, connect your phone or tablet and you are ready to go.

Features and benefits

+ Fast set-up and placement of cameras

+ Multiple synchronised cameras

+ One-click remote recording, save past events

+ Immediately available playback of captured videos

+ Optimal viewing angle selection from up to 4 views

+ Post-training analysis and feedback to players through dedicated portal

+ Sharing of video data through portal

Instant video playback

Replay the captured videos on a tablet or laptop in slow-motion, synchronise views, move back and forward frame by frame. Play the captured videos side by side with stored ones... and much more.

Click here for a full tennis demo
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